PLEASE NOTE: Campus Visit Openings for Spring 2024 ARE COMPLETELY FILLED! Thank you for your interest in our campus! Please consider early planning for Fall 2024. Sign up for Fall campus visits will begin in April.  We thank you for your understanding!

What to Expect

Campus visits will be delivered via a hybrid model, as we are able to offer both virtual visits for groups where transportation to campus is a challenge AND in-person visits for groups able to come to our campus. Groups must have a minimum of 20 students in order to book an personalized visit. If your group size is less than 20, your are welcome to inquire about the possibility of joining another group already on the calendar to meet total attendance minimum requirements. The ideal group size is 40 students. However, larger groups are able to visit, with the understanding that hands-on experiences may be limited due to larger group size or that rotational schedules might be implemented to allow students to have meaningful hands-on lab experiences in smaller subgroups. Per UT system, 192 Youth Protection Policy, all groups must have chaperones. One adult for every 12 high school students and one adult for every 10 middle school students is required.  Chaperones must remain with the group the entire time they are on campus. Collegiate groups must have their organization sponsor present. . Please see descriptions of our Fall 2023-Spring 2024 programs below.

For Teachers or Groups, the opportunities for your classes are

A Virtual Campus Visit to UT Health San Antonio. These sessions will be conducted via zoom. ORSO team will help students picture themselves at UTHSA through a pictorial montage of our campus. (30-45 minutes, offered Tuesdays and Wednesdays at time best for your class)

An In-Person Campus Visit to UT Health San Antonio. These sessions will be conducted on campus. ORSO team will help students picture themselves at UTHSA through delivery of an overview of our programs, potentially coupled with a walking tour of campus.  (120-150 minutes, offered Thursdays or Fridays, at time best for your class; to include a hands-on lab or leadership activity of your choice)

Please do note that campus visit requests are intended for group visits of 40 students at this time. On occasion, groups are gathered to create larger groups based on room availability and group interest. Our campus does not offer campus visits for individual students at this time. If you are an individual seeking information about one of our schools please complete the form below and we will be happy to send you an informational packet.

An Overview Presentation of Opportunities in the Health Professions. This presentation will address the career opportunities in the health professions offered at UTHSA and discuss things students should focus on to become competitive applicants for entry into professional programs.

Scholar Skills Development Workshops. These presentations are interactive sessions discussing character traits important in the pursuit of a health profession and in life in general. Topic choices are Gratitude, Empathy, Patience, Importance of Communication, Respect, Trust, Positive Attitude, Leadership, Accountability, Achieving Balance, Compassion, Importance of Authenticity and the Value of Commitment.

NOTE: Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy Application Information will be published in November for the next application cycle, and school-based nominations will be due via email to Ms. Kristen La Porte on Friday, January 19, 2024 at 5:00pm! 

Application Preparation Workshop Sessions.  These sessions are specifically for students who have been nominated as candidates for Voelcker Academy application from their respective schools. Sessions will help prepare students to be as competitive as possible for selection into the Academy.  The sessions will discuss interviewing and essay writing tips as well as professional etiquette. The ORSO team will also answer questions regarding the application process and help candidates feel confident and prepared for the next phase in the application cycle. Candidates or schools can request an application preparation session by emailing our Academy coordinator, Ms. Kristen La Porte, at

Thank-you, once again, for your interest in our programs and in our institution.

Open House Days

Open Houses focus on a particular school within the UT Health San Antonio and are geared towards collegiate, pre-professional groups. Learn more about visiting one of the schools on campus.

Open house information

Picture of UT Health San Antonio (ALT C Building)