For Individual Students

Monthly Leadership Lessons will take place on the first Tuesday of the month beginning in September! Scholar insights will occur on the third Thursday of each month, also beginning in September. Please join us, via zoom, for these educational enrichment sessions!   


Leadership Lessons. These interactive sessions will focus on skills and character traits which are important to develop when seeking a biomedical profession. These will be offered on Tuesday Afternoons from 5-6pm via Zoom. For meeting ID and passcode, please email Dr. Chapa.

Leadership LessonDate
Lesson 1- Staying Stress Free in a Stressful EnvironmentSept. 7
Lesson 2- Being InspiredOct. 5
Lesson 3- rescheduledNov. 2
Lesson 4- Importance of DeterminationDec. 7

Scholar Insights. These are informational sessions where current Voelcker Biomedical Academy Scholars provide a presentation regarding the research in their respective mentor’s labs and share insights with their peers about research endeavors while in high school.  This is great opportunity for interested students to hear about how to successfully pursue research endeavors, especially if they are considering a career in health career themselves. These are not Academy information or recruiting sessions, but rather conversations about some of the research happening at UTHSA. These sessions will occur on the third Thursday of the month, in the late afternoon, from 5-6pm via Zoom. For meeting ID and passcode, please email Dr. Chapa.

Voelcker Biomedical Scholar Insights on Research Endeavors in High School Date
Contingency management and behavioral analysis; MedulloblastomaSept. 16
Human Innate Immunity; Tumor Resistance to ImmunotherapyOct. 21
Exercise Oncology; Hematopoietic Stem Cells Role in AgingNov. 18
Intra-Individual Variability in Older Adults; the Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury on Language Comprehension; Trauma, Mental Illness and Substance AbuseDec. 16


Make Up Your Mind Online Curriculum

UT Health Medical Students put together this handout for perspective students, like you,  to be able to explore the amazing world of Neuroscience. Please visit the link below to see how amazing the brain and mind really are!!! Additionally, the students gathered an inter-professional panel  to discuss  their various healthcare career plans, including pros and cons, and  give an example of how each would work in caring for a patient who has suffered a stroke. It is all great “food for thought” as you discover what your own career calling is!

Make Up Your Mind Online Curriculum