For Individual Students

A new enrichment activity, presented after school, is

STUDENT Success Workshops.  These interactive sessions will allow high school and college students to gain insight about their futures. from current professional students at UT Health. Topics addressed will include how to manage the transition from high school to college to professional school, time management, balancing school life with other interests, and tips for success.  These will be offered on the following dates, in the evening from 6-7pm via Zoom.

Student Success SessionsDateZoom Meeting IDMeeting Passcode
Turning Dreams of being a health care professional into realityOctober 19, 2023282 477 4380Students1!
Interviewing Skills and Professional EttiquetteNovember 16, 2023282 477 4380Students2!
Developing the Professional PerspectiveFebruary 15, 2024282 477 4380Students3!
College Application TipsApril 18, 2024282 477 4380Students4!


Make Up Your Mind Online Curriculum

UT Health Medical Students put together this handout for perspective students, like you,  to be able to explore the amazing world of Neuroscience. Please visit the link below to see how amazing the brain and mind really are!!! Additionally, the students gathered an inter-professional panel  to discuss  their various healthcare career plans, including pros and cons, and  give an example of how each would work in caring for a patient who has suffered a stroke. It is all great “food for thought” as you discover what your own career calling is!

Make Up Your Mind Online Curriculum