Programs for High School Students

We are happy to offer Campus Visits and Outreach Workshops both virtually and in person this Fall. If your group is interested in registering for any session (virtual or in -person), please complete the required form. We will do our best to accommodate every request.

The ORSO office is not responsible for clinical shadows. Please contact the registrar’s office for questions about this.

We also welcome  individual students, who are 16-18, to volunteer or work in our research labs. We strongly encourage the students to be fully vaccinated before they come onto campus.  If they are not vaccinated,  we will offer vaccinations through our hub if students are planning to stay on campus longer than 30 days.

To view the required process for minors in the research workplace, please visit this site:

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Learn about our NEW Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences!!! The degree program is designed to prepare undergraduate students for a variety of graduate-level health professional programs including occupational therapy, physical therapy, medical laboratory sciences, respiratory care, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant, speech-language pathology and health systems management.  The first cohort is set to begin in Fall 2022.

Summer Programs for Undergraduate Students

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the UT Health San Antonio offers a variety of summer programs for undergraduate students seeking research experiences in the Biological Sciences. Several summer programs utilizes a single application which permits students to select up to three programs in which to apply. Please check back in February 2022 for updates regarding Summer possibilities.

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Programs for High School & College Students

Visiting Student Program

This program is designed to give students interested in pursuing a medical/health related career an opportunity to gain clinical, research, and professional experience. While giving primary consideration to collegiate students, high school students over the age of 16 may apply; provided mentors agree to host them in their professional environments. An institutional committee is currently meeting to further define this process. Please stay tuned for updates!

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Student Internship Program

A year-round program for high school, college, premed, or pre-PhD students designed to provide an intensive, hands-on, discovery-rich, creative and interdisciplinary research experience. This is a unique experience in learning and interdisciplinary research, with senior investigators serving as mentors and role models.

About the Internship Program

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UT Health offers various ways to get connected as a high school student or educator.