What we do

We design and implement pipeline initiatives to motivate and educate students interested in entering the biomedical career pathway. These initiatives include campus visits, leadership and development sessions and education enrichment workshops. Currently all offerings are virtual, though we look forward to in person programming returning as soon as it is safely possible.

Meet our Team

Irene Chapa, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Recruitment & Science Outreach
Director, Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy (VBRA) & the South Texas Undergraduate Research Academy (STUROP)
Office: (210) 567-3941 | Fax: (210) 567-0399
E-mail: chapai@uthscsa.edu

Olga Coronado

Academic Programs Coordinator-Lead
Office of Recruitment and Science Outreach
Office: (210) 567-0380 | Fax: (210) 567-0399
E-mail: coronadoo@uthscsa.edu

Adriana Avendano

Program Coordinator-Senior
Office of Recruitment & Science Outreach
Office: (210) 567-3587 | Fax: (210) 567-0399
E-mail: Avendanoa@uthscsa.edu

Kristen La Porte

Program Coordinator-Lead
Office of Recruitment & Science Outreach
Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy (VBRA)
Office: (210) 450-8246 | Fax: (210) 567-0399
E-mail: laporte@uthscsa.edu


Ivan Rubalcava
Project Manager
Office of Recruitment & Science Outreach
South Texas Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (STUROP)
Office: (210) 567-0384 | Fax: (210) 567-0399
E-mail: rubalcavai@uthscsa.edu